Mechanical Design

CSA provides traditional mechanical design services for projects of all sizes. We have extensive experience with new and renovated construction projects, feasibility studies, system assessments, energy studies, and strategic campus planning. We can provide complete signed and sealed construction documents and project specifications for any project.

CSA works with the design team or contractor or both throughout the project to ensure a safe, energy-efficient system that meets the client’s needs.

Depending on the nature of the project, our role can start at the conceptual level and end in the finished product.

Design Services, Assessments, and Studies Include:

  • HVAC Design

  • Plumbing Design

  • Fire Protection Design

  • Mechanical Design for LEED Certification

  • 3D BIM/Revit/Energy Modeling

  • System Commissioning

  • System Assessments

  • Energy Tax Credits, and/or Energy Code Compliance